3 New Apple Devices I Am Not Going To Buy

3 Apple Devices I am Not Buying

I Thought You Were an Apple Nut!

You would be right! I have had almost every iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, and other little gadgets I probably have forgotten over the last decade. In 2008 I even started one of the first smartphone repair companies in the country. I have rarely been disappointed or let down by Apple. Even if the new device had very few upgrades, It was always solid. OK so maybe I drank the Kool-aid, but it was good Kool-aid. What changed?

The Tim Cook Era

I always felt that Steve Jobs had vision. He was an innovator. Some people thought he was crazy, some thought he was a jerk, and he probably was both. He pushed for amazing and new things. I think the world misses Steve Jobs. The Tim Cook era seems to have turned Apple from an innovator and leader to a follower. Instead of having groundbreaking ideas, they seem to be making solid versions of the existing technology. As I sit here writing this on my MacBook Pro, I will tell you I am invested in the Apple ecosystem and I won’t leave it. I won’t however, be lining up to buy these new Apple gadgets.

The Apple Home Pod (The Marshmallow)

When I heard about the Apple Home Pod a few months ago, I was really excited. I figured that an Apple version of the Amazon Echo would be amazing because …  Apple. A really cool speaker that sounds amazing and uses Siri to make it “smart” sounds like a great addition to my home. For a lot of people with a strong apple ecosystem, it probably is. If you subscribe to apple music (9.99 per Month) you have thousands of songs at your beck and call. The personal assistant side gives you a lot of functionality. This includes other non-Apple devices. There is a lot of convenience in this. The main appeal of the Home Pod is supposed to the amazing sound. I have a really nice home theater system so I don’t really care about the sound. What about the other functionality. The Amazon Echo Dot has a lot of the same functionality for 49.99! That is why I won’t be buying the Home Pod

Apple Watch Series 3

The smartwatch has been a pretty cool addition to the arsenal of nerdy gadgets that are a must-have.  If you use an iPhone, it is a logical addition. To be fair, I don’t use one. I like REAL watches. My wife Leslie has been using an Apple Watch Series 2 for a year or so. She loves it. I can tell because she randomly appears to check the time and starts laughing. Either she received a funny text, or she REALLY likes her watch.  The new watch adds LTE. This means it can be its own phone. You don’t need to bring your other phone with you to use the watch.  This leads me to my point. I don’t need to leave my phone. I don’t want to leave my phone at home, talk through a lousy speaker, lower my watch battery life to an hour, and add 9.99 a month to my phone bill for a feature that doesn’t really make sense to me. I won’t be buying one, and Leslie decided not to upgrade hers.

The iPhone X er … 10

I have had every iPhone since the beginning. I really like them. I have never been disappointed until now. There have been iPhones that have not been huge upgrades, there have been iPhones that bent, but they usually were very solid phones overall. I always had a reason to upgrade. I was really excited to have the portrait mode camera in a normal sized phone, and the new display. The thing I don’t want is this. The iPhone X adds facial recognition. Ok, what if I want to open my phone without looking. It is expensive! Did you know the fast charging only works if you buy a different charger and cable? It has an amazing display, but not better than other phones on the market. Overall, I see no reason to spend over $1000.00 for a phone that has features that I don’t want. I DO wish I could have animojis to send smiling piles of poo.

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