Daily Routine

Daily Routine

daily routineDo you have a daily routine? Not the one out of necessity, I mean the one for you. The one that is propelling you toward your bigger goal, the one that allows you time to read, study, meditate, write, exercise, etc. I’m going to be transparent here and let you know that a daily routine is something I struggle with, but I know that I need.






Personal Development is something that I practice and I learn new things daily. I like to read, listen to podcasts, participate in webinars, participate in FB Groups, watch FB Live broadcasts, watch Periscope broadcasts, etc. I take a lot of knowledge in… and then…

  • I dissect
  • I doubt
  • I second guess
  • I nitpick
  • I procrastinate
  • I think everyone probably already knows it
  • I doubt why someone would learn from me

Which means, I may do nothing. Sure, I share a lot of information and I always promote positivity, but it could be more and I want it to be more. Do you see how quickly negative self-talk can set in? Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Maybe I should have posted a total transparency warning on this post.

Why a Daily Routine

I want to be the things I see my mentors as:

We should always let our vision propel us and allow us to keep our thoughts positive.

I have a bigger goal and the inaction does not get me closer to my goals, my weaknesses can be inspirational, and excuses are just that.

My Daily Routine

  • Wake up early
  • Walk outside in nature
  • Read/Personal development
  • Write

While I’m being transparent – the more you type the word routine – the funnier it looks!

Leslie McKerchie

Leslie McKerchie


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