Patio Cleaning The Environmentally Friendly Way – That WORKS!

It’s Fall… Time To Clean Your Patio and Sidewalks

Yup, it’s fall. In the south where we live, it is prime time to enjoy the yard. It is the perfect temperature in the evening to sit out by the outdoor fireplace. Over the summer our patio turns green and black from the moisture. The majority of discoloration on outdoor surfaces is due to organic matter growing on the surface and then dying. This is why decks slowly turn gray and concrete does not stay white.  Most people let this go because they think it is “age” but a lot of times it can be reversed.

Be Careful With a Pressure Washer

Most people will just use a big burly pressure washer and start blasting. This is a bad thing to do. Have you ever seen a deck or fence after it has been pressure washed? It looks all fuzzy because the soft grains in the wood have been damaged. Have you ever seen an old patio all pitted? A pressure washer will do that too. The trick is to break down the dirt and clean it away. When you use very high pressure, you can actually etch away a layer of the surface. This will shorten its life.

Harsh Chemicals Are Bad

Many deck and concrete cleaning chemicals that you find at the store are just bleach and water. They are usually very diluted. Even the small amount of chemicals can do a lot of damage to pets, plants, and you as you use them. The solution we like to use is safe for the environment and works on a completely different method.

We have been using Wash Safe Industries Products  for a long time. When I owned a surface cleaning company, we used it professionally and we continue to use it around the home. It basically works like peroxide and baking soda. When you spray it on, it foams and penetrates and kills the organic matter that causes the discoloration. This means that you don’t need as much pressure to remove it. It is a much more safe way to clean. It is a powder that you mix with water. Make sure when you use it that it full dissolves BEFORE you put it in your sprayer so the tip does not clog.  Check out the video for more tips and check out how easy it is to use. We will post links to everything you need at the end of this post.

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