How You Feel Is Irrelevant

How you feel is irrelevant

Whoa! What?! Did she just say my feelings are irrelevant? What do you mean how you feel is irrelevant?

How you feel is irrelevant:

  • I just don’t ‘feel’ like working today
    • Guess what? No one feels like working everyday. The successful and the hustlers do it anyway.

Remember that vision you have? You do have one, right? If you don’t – GO – you need this!

That vision will pull you towards your goal – a day at a time, a podcast at a time, a team member at a time, a webinar at a time, a sale at a time, a blog post at a time, a week at a time, a month at a time, and a year at a time until you are living your vision. I’m not saying you will ever ‘arrive’ because I hope your vision grows as you do. Dream big y’all!how you feel is irrelevant

You overcome these feelings everyday to reach your goals and fulfil responsibilities:

  • I don’t feel like getting out of bed
  • I don’t feel like making dinner
  • I don’t feel like doing the laundry
  • I don’t feel like doing the dishes
  • You fill in the blank

Now I’m not saying you don’t re-prioritize and talk yourself out of these things perhaps, but they get done right?!

So, how you feel is irrelevant. You will feel like eating that cake when you’re on a diet and will refrain to reach your end goal. That’s the point – keep working, yes everyday, to get closer to your vision.

You can check out the tips here for motivation.

Now, if you’ve read this far and/or you know me – you probably know that I don’t really think how you feel is irrelevant, but know the difference between lack of motivation and a real feeling. I didn’t feel like writing this blog post either, but that’s not emotion, that was just an excuse. I could have rationalized away the time it took to do this, but that would not have gotten me closer to my goals and I would have regretted it later.

So, be honest with yourself and go for your goals!

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