Ignore The Phone

Ignore the Phone


I love my phone. I have no problems being the first to admit it. Are you able to ignore the phone or are you a slave to your phone? Does your phone work for you or do you feel like you work for your phone? Guess what? It’s okay to ignore the phone.

“Don’t become a slave to technology – manage your phone, don’t let it manage you.” –Richard Branson

We are like trained animals and at the first ping or vibrate, we can’t NOT check to see what it is. We are training others around us that we are available 24/7, when we really don’t want to be, and you have the power to make this change.ignore the phone

How to Ignore the Phone

  1. Turn off push notifications for those things that are really not that important.
    • Is it really that important? Did you need that e-mail right in this moment?
  2. Schedule time to check notifications and/or social media.
    • By setting some time aside, you will still be up-to-date yet not interrupted. Limiting your time will also allow you to not be distracted and handle what’s important and move on.
  3. Utilize Do Not Disturb mode when needed and ALWAYS at night.
    • Is this a feature on Android? I know I have it on my iPhone and it is a wonderful feature and my phone isn’t going off all night. Don’t worry, you can set it so that calls still come through in case there is actually an emergency.
    • I can use this feature during reading/personal development time as well so I do not get distracted.
  4. Tell people what your business hours are.
    • Your customers, your team, etc. Setting the expectation is a great step towards a bit more freedom and the ability to ignore the phone. Just let them know you may not respond immediately, but will get back to them when you can.

I get it, I told you I love my phone. I run my business from my phone and those messages and social media make me money. Time freedom is something I’m seeking though, and the ability to ignore my phone allows me to have more time for what is actually important.

For the most part, I am readily available. I still check it often enough that I do not feel like I’ve ever left anyone hanging when they needed me. All those notifications are still there when I get back to my phone and really I’ve missed nothing.

I challenge you to ignore the phone, engage in conversations without your phone in hand, enjoy a dinner without your phone, check out the scenery while you’re a passenger on a drive…what have you been missing out on?!

I’d love to hear how you ignore the phone or if reading this has made you want to do it more.

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