Music With Dylan

Helping people is more than just selling products

We spend a lot of time producing content that helps people really understand their instrument. The blog you see here, as well as the Youtube show at are major ongoing projects to help people do just that 

We are passionate about helping players of all skill levels to know their entire rig and how to get the most from it.

From your fingers to the amp and everywhere in between we help you understand the things that matter most to your tone, and then make recommendations so you can get the most of your playing time.

With Videos, Blog posts, Product Reviews, and much more, we help you KNOW YOUR TONE!

A full line of Guitars, Pickups, Guitar parts and MORE are available at

We also have a fantastic online Radio show every Monday night on that does even MORE

We have some great news coming in the next couple weeks about ANOTHER new show!!! Stay tuned!


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