Random with Leslie: Episode 5

Did you miss me?

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Here’s the footage:

I know…the dramatic holding of silence on the opening image is totally on purpose.

You should not be broke and skeptical…pick a struggle

Broke and Skeptical is not an option. If you are broke and not where you want to be, how can skeptical be in your vocabulary? Especially if it’s something that someone is succeeding at. If they can do it, why can’t you?

We went to Macon this weekend for my daughter to attend a graduation. We found the best coffee shop: Taste and See Coffee Shop in Macon. I encourage you to check it out if you are ever in town. Great place to hang out and/or work and delicious coffee with non-dairy options because that is important to me. Thanks for being so hospitable ladies πŸ™‚

We also visited The Big House – The Allman Brothers Band House to check out the museum and great memorabilia, and yes – I had to get a shirt. I mean 1981 and a stop in Augusta, Ga – yes, please. We then wandered over to Rose Hill Cemetary and got lost while off-roading. Built in 1840 and it certainly wasn’t meant to accomodate my 4Runner.

While walking through town, we hit up a local thrift shop to check it out and I found an amazing quote:Β Beer Speaks People Mumble at the Just Tap’d Brewery. Had to capture that πŸ™‚

Bathroom Rug Shenanigans – this should be like ’nuff said, right? Just watch the video.

Today we discovered Clips. It is on iPhone and can do quick editing and captions. What? How did no one talk to me about this? Super fun.

Tonight we took a walk in nature – remember we talked about that the other day and you cannot beat mid 60s in December. It was quite lovely.

Then we get into the meat of the discussion and the random (sometimes weird) shines through.

Do you know why I share those images of 11:11 on the clock that captures my attention?Synchronization is why. I feel like when you are on the right path, things are shown to you. For me, it tends to be 11:11, butterflies, and ladybugs. It has manifested itself this week in the form of a single subject resonating with me. Keep reading πŸ™‚

We recorded a video on comparing yourself to others on Music and Mascara yesterday. This is really important to me as people are laying out their goals for the new year. Stop comparing. You are on your own journey and only you can be you and reach the people you are meant to impact in this world.

Then today, I got an e-mail and joined a 5 day Clarity Challenge. Getting clarity on your goals and preparing for 2018. If you aren’t clear, then you will not be heading in the direction you think you are. There’s a lot more to this, but the main thing is the permission to want what you want. It’s not selfish, it’s okay to dream big – just want what you want.

Stop living your life trying to please others.

We may not realize until we are adults that we are living our life to make our parents happy.

One of the most common reasons we are so tied into making our parents, or others, happy, is that we were not properly mirrored when we were children. We were not honored as individuals in our own right, with a will and purpose of our own, to be determined by our own unfolding. As a result, we learned to look outside of ourselves for approval, support, and direction rather than look within.Β 

Centering and Expressing

Expressing ourselves honestly in any relationship is essential to our well-being.

When we are calm and centered, we can count on ourselves to speak and respond truthfully. We can also meditate on our own time and then practice what we need to say. A visualization in which we sit with the person and lovingly exchange a few words can also be a great precedent to an actual conversation. If writing comes easily, we can write out what we need to say; it may take several drafts, but we will eventually find the words. The key is to find ways to center ourselves so that we communicate meaningfully, lovingly, and wisely.

Okay, let’s close with random. Remember we bought a humidifier, right? We started at 34% humidity and as of RIGHT NOW, we are at 48% so it’s working and I love it!

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