Random with Leslie: Episode 6

Short and sweet this time 🙂

Yes, it’s a day late – that’s why you should follow me on SnapChat – I told you this yesterday 😉

I just didn’t feel well and sleep was my priority, but I did SnapChat and had my video/images ready – it just didn’t make it to the blog by days end. That’s okay.

Yes, we went walking again! I know, I know – I laughed about the walking in nature, but it actually really resonates with me and I know I should do it. I spend way too much time indoors. That’s a 1st world work at home problem, right? The sunset was incredibly amazing, so perhaps I need to make it at that time everyday.

Today was Day 2 of the Clarity Challenge and Lori talked about How to Want. What?! We all want lots of things right? Well, did you know there is a ‘right way to want’? I guess I did, but did not really put it into perspective until she explained it. You want to be sure that you are coming from a place of prosperity vs a place of scarcity. This is purely a mindset shift.

  • Scarcity is from a place of desperation – You do not want to ‘want’ from this place. You’re focused on negative things and you’re probably going to get more of it.
    • Example: I want more money because I’m tired of being broke.
  • Prosperity on the other hand comes from place with the desire to create.
    • Example: I want more money because it makes me feel empowered to help more people.

Those are just a couple of examples off the top of my head, but hopefully you get the idea. Never focus on a negative.

I got an e-mail that I should get my Car Bonus Kit soon! This is super exciting. I’ve been waiting on this since August (but the manufacturer stop producing and they had to find a new one) and it’s finally happening. Next level for that 4Runner y’all!

Finally, I want to end in gratitude. I am grateful for the direction that Music and Mascara is headed and I hope that you’re paying attention to the journey that we are on. This blog/section/subject (me) is just a piece of what we are doing and we are having so much fun. It’s crazy to me that the clarity challenge comes right now, when it’s right in line with what we are doing.

Coincidence?! I think not – Synchronicity!

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