Random with Leslie: Episode 8

It’s been a fun couple of weeks, but did you miss me? I told you to follow me on SnapChat for the real behind the scenes, right? I know I did – if you haven’t, please do it now.

It’s hilarious to think that the saved videos I have talk directly of catching up and the one thing I accomplished was to get more behind, right? I am currently 20, yes 20, blog posts behind the content that has been produced and uploaded to YouTube. Dylan is doing much better at this documenting than I seem to be. Acknowledgement is the first step, right? I’m taking action though, it’s not an excuse.

Moving on…It felt so good to be able to mail out some goodies in appreciation and acknowledgement of some ladies that took the time to practice some self-love.

This moment of catching up also reminded me that I purchased a book – Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder that I learned about in the Clarity Challenge. Thanks for that reminder y’all 🙂

Okay, remember that we’re catching up, right? At the time talking about homemade gifts made perfect sense. Do you make homemade gifts or are you crafty and creative enough to do so? I’m not, maybe it’s lack of time, but cards are about as thoughtful as I get – but I do love cards.

Highlight I just got to re-live: OMG – my car package was finally delivered! So excited! Earned this! My company has a car bonus that we can earn and gives you a cash bonus towards the vehicle you want. I’m not stuck with a particular brand or vehicle nor do I even have to use it on a vehicle if I didn’t want to. Truly empowering people to do what may be best for their life and personal situation. I love that. I love my new car kit as well. What a testimony and reminder for myself. Just gratitude y’all – so thankful. Dylan immediately put it on for me of course! Love it (did I say that yet)!

Got lost in our own town and ended up on a creepy off-road adventure – I mean, but we did get mud on the truck – so that’s winning.

Yup, finally saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi and I love the movie recliner seats.

Christmas night adventures anyone?

  • Bryson’s foot got stuck in my parents new exercise bike – we may have laughed a little too much at that
  • Boomerang fun at Wild Wing
  • Live Music Christmas night at Wild Wing – tradition

I thought I’d share my Ion Booster Kit. Do you drink high pH water? It’s 2 different bottles to make the perfect ionized water.  On another note, we just got some new DYLN bottles and will post an additional review soon.

We went to Atlanta to Righteous Guitars. We wanted to get a guitar plek’d and yes, Dylan has done a video on this. Check it out here.

Our New Year’s plans to Chicago got out-voted by the flu (not us, but those we wanted to go see) and it was going to be bitterly cold. So, we took a quick getaway to Florida for the New Year instead. It should be warm, right? I mean, we went south. Well, it was cold and windy. We had a great time at Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Orlando, our St. Augustine ghost tour, and hanging out at the Prohibition Kitchen. Then on the adventure home, we found a snow storm! What?! Wind, rain, ice, snow, 4-wheel drive, and I95 closed topped off our getaway, but adventure, snow, snow balls, and peeing in the snow seemed to make it ok.

Our first night back in town was a night of live music of course. Jayson and Dave are my favorite local duo.

Again, be sure you follow me on SnapChat if you want to see the adventures in real time 🙂

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