This is Real Life: Episode 5

The morning starts with coffee – no surprise there, right?

Audio checklist:

  • finish a guitar
  • ship to Brazil
  • finish pickups
  • edit video (of course)
  • upload podcast
  • trash and other chores
  • edit/upload/vlog

Alright, let’s get to some fun stuff. How about some behind the scenes  of a live video – about tuners.

  • Have you checked out the Switcher app yet? It’s how we get multiple camera angles, graphics, titles, etc on our live videos. Wiring harness

I love the walk to the mailbox rant. Maybe that can be a regular segment?  What are your thoughts on all the Netflix – Marvel Comics shows right now? Do you love them or is it a bit much?

For dinner we had burgers and fries, plant-based of course.

We have the most random conversations sometimes. I don’t think Vloggy Style really suits us, but we got a good laugh out of it and it does make a hilarious hashtag use.

Great conversation about mindset on the internet – that started around pickup colors of all things. The entire point being, Just Do what makes you happy – don’t be reactive. Assuming users/customers are not interested could be a bad move because you don’t know. You cannot chase your audience either because you may be wrong about the right audience for you. I didn’t know that Facebook ads made people so angry either. I’m thankful for my targeted ads or I would have never found the Mood Boosting Glasses. Wait, does that make me weird? So, the ads do work – and reaching your ideal and true audience is better than a huge pool of those that don’t care. Use your settings if you don’t like what you are seeing and um, stop Googling things you don’t care about. The internet is not a social ill and it can be used as a tool. It’s a great time to be in business.

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