This is Real Life: Episode 6

Great way to start an episode, right? Camera battery is dead. Guess that goes to show you that the equipment doesn’t matter. Just start y’all!

People are responding to the format of the Dylan Talks Tone live show. I must admit it re-energized both of us and it’s so fun. I’ve actually missed it these past couple of weeks.

Our International Market is growing – Australia, Spain, Brazil, and Chile customers and getting other emails from Belgium, Spain, and Crete. Super fun! Is consistent content the reason behind this reach? Absolutely! They are finding Dylan on YouTube and watching all the videos. If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now…videos allow you to connect with your audience. They get to see YOU and hear you and they connect with you – you’re building trust by simply sharing your content.

Facebook find/rant/tidbit:

Stop blaming the FB algorithms for your lack of interactions, stop copying/pasting the same statuses over and over about how the new algorithm is annoying for attention and interaction, that’s not how business works. You wanna know why people aren’t interacting with your content? Because it’s not good. Post things worth seeing consistently and they will be seen.

New guitar day for a friend. ’89 Martin D28 Just another guitar store hangout day and fun. (Look at that Converse shoe shot though) #comeonbranddeal #shoes #watches #sunglasses 😉

Guitar Humidifier purchased to put in guitar case. – gotta protect that Breedlove.

Buying cheap towels to clean brushes – leads to a random shopping adventure. Oh, those microfiber cloths can be found here. 

It was Day 1 of the Star Wars release as well, but we didn’t see anyone dressed up. What?!

Random conversation about the internet. Why are people angry on Facebook? Dylan changed his perspective. Thought: people can’t articulate what they want to say, inhibitions are down, and they say stuff they wouldn’t normally say in person.

Dylan got trolled on the internet (someone told him he didn’t play guitar). He took that opportunity to turn to a positive and did play the guitar. Oh, and the troll totally turned around, so it worked. People are watching and follow us because of the response and positivity that we have.

Strangest conversation ever when I’m working on making my Mermaid Spray 🙂

As we help others and share, it is so gratifying to see people take action and do the things that need to be done. We all need accountability and it makes it fun.

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