What You Really Need to Make Videos For Facebook Live and YouTube

Video Content is King

If you own are looking to promote yourself for ANY reason these days, video content is the best way to do that. If you own a brick and mortar business, you are in E-Commerce, an artist, musician, or even if you blog for fun, video can take you to the next level. Look at these numbers.

  • 55% of people watch an online video EVERY DAY
  • There are over 1 BILLION youtube users
  • 45% of Youtube viewers watch over an hour a week
  • 80% of consumers rely heavily on product demo videos to make purchasing decisions

What you see in the video content world is just the beginning. Online video is going to continue to grow for many years. Making a product demo, a how-to video, product spotlight, location tour, or even introducing yourself and your staff to your audience can be very easy and effective ways to start creating video content and reaping the benefits of this growing platform. Starting with just one video a week can really level up your reach to clients and audience.

You Can Make Video For Facebook and Youtube

I am sure you have watched Youtube videos and you have noticed that they are getting a lot more professional these days. Remeber when Youtube first started and it was a lot of people with jittery camcorders and shaky smartphones? Now there are full-blown movies and TV shows coming out every month. This can be intimidating for a lot of people. You may feel like your videos will not be noticed, or they won’t be good enough. The thing is, the smartphone you have in your pocket is probably a better camera than a very expensive camera from just a few years ago. Starting with just a few tips and tricks and a smartphone you can make great video content As you learn how effective it is you can upgrade and expand your tools as you need them. Check out what we use at Musicandmascara.com, and then we will show you a few simple (and economical) ways to get started making great video content.  At the end of this article, we have also included a list of all of our current equipment

What You Need To Get Started in Online Video

A camera

Most modern smartphones have great cameras. Chances are, you already have all the camera you need. We try to stay current on the latest smartphones for this reason.

Good Sound

Most people can put up with some jittery video or dark video, but the minute it the sound gets bad, they keep scrolling. Shoot your video in a quiet environment and keep your distance from the device consistent. If you can get an external mic Like this Rode, it can really improve the whole feel of your videos


Lighting is key. This is where you can make or break a video. You can make a cheap camera look great, but you can also make an expensive camera look bad. Use natural light as much as possible. Use a window for your light, but avoid glares and direct sunlight that will overexpose your video. A lighting kit can make it easier to get more consistent lighting. This economical lighting kit is the one we started with, and I still use it for various projects.


A shaky video that makes people motion sick is no fun. This is really a problem with a lot of Facebook live videos. It is pretty easy to fix with a small tripod like this one. Once you really start to nerd out about this stuff, you may end up with this smartphone stabilizer. I am in love with it.

Getting Started In online Video For Less than $150.00

Done Is Better Than Perfect

Just start making videos! Live video for Facebook, Videos for Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Every time you do you will learn how to make them more effective and you will see improvement in your reach. Don’t worry about it being fancy. Just use what you have and do it. Subscribe to this blog and youtube channel and stay tuned as we help you level up your videos.

Sony T5i DSLR


Rode VideoGo




Sony Action Cam


Selfie Stick


Zoom H5


Lighting System


18 inch Ring Light


Mini Tripod




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